The American Barber Association recognizes non-licensed barbers who practice barbering and are committed to the highest standards of barbering safety and professionalism.   Members can apply today!


The American Barber Association recognizes non-licensed barbers who have are actively provided haircare services in places where licensed barbers may not be available.    Journeyman Barbers practice barbering at the highest levels of safety and professional and ethics.   The Journeyman Barber Certificate is only available for members of the ABA.


To be eligible to be designated a Jouneyman Barber you must: 1) be practicing in a place where licensed barbers are not readily available; 2) be a Journeyman Barber Member of the ABA.   To become a member, please click on the link below.


Professional Recognition

Journeyman Barbers are considered highly skilled barbers who practice barbering at the highest levels of professionalism, safey and ethics.

Industry Recognition

Journeyman Barbers are recognized by the industry as skilled barbers. 

Customer Recognition

Journeyman barbers go where few barbers are present.   Consequently, they fulfill a need for barbering services and customers are grateful.   As a Journeyman Barber, build greater customer appreciation and loyalty!

Employment Opportunities

Journeyman barbers have skills and, consequently, employers may be inclined to hire them when a licensed barber is not readily accessible.

Income Opportunities

In America, most haircuts are either self-performed or done by individuals who are not licensed.  Our goal is to make sure that when barbering services are provided that it is done in a professional and safe manner.    

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