The American Barber Association recognizes barbers who practice American barber standards in other countries.  (If the other country has barber standards and licenses, then you must obtain those licenses before practicing.)  The Professional Barber Certificate is only available for members of the ABA.


To be eligible to be designated a International Barber you must be 1) a licensed barber in the United States of America and 2) an International Barber Member of the ABA.   To become a member, please click on the link below.


Professional Recognition

International Barbers are considered highly qualified professionals in the barber industry.   

Industry Recognition

International Barbers are recognized by the industry as experts in barbering.  

Customer Recognition

ABA Certified International Barbers have greater credibility among customers in foreign countries, as they are considered part of the American tradition of barbering excellence and professionalism.

Employment Opportunities

New to a foreign country and looking for a job?   As an ABA International Barber you may be able to facilitate the acquisition of a provisional barbers license and find a barbershop in which to offer your services.

Income Opportunities

Truth is, very few barbers in other countries make more than America barbers.  However, as an ABA Certified International Barber you will have an ability to quickly apply your skills and earn money in the process.

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