Be recognized as a professional barber, because you earned it!


The American Barber Association recognizes barbers who have been actively practicing the craft of barbering for 1 to 7 years.   Professional Barbers are exemplary in professionalism and skill level.    The Professional Barber Certificate is only available for members of the ABA.


To be eligible to be designated a Professional Barber you must: 1) be qualified – have practiced for at least 1 to 7 years; 2) be a Professional Barber Member of the ABA.   To become a member, please click on the link below.


Professional Recognition

Professional Barbers are considered highly qualified professional in the barber industry.   Professional Barbers are in high demand at barbershops and they have higher earning potential.

Industry Recognition

Professional Barber are recognized by the industry as experts in barbering.  The American Barber Association refers media to Professional Barbers for perspectives on industry trends and developments.   Professional Barbers are eligible to be nominated as a “Best in America Professional Barber” Award. 

Customer Recognition

It’s a fact, when customers see the Professional Barber Certificate on the wall, they gain an extra sense of pride and peace of mind that they are being serviced by an industry recognized professional.   Build greater customer appreciation and loyalty!

Employment Opportunities

In a recent survey by the American Barber Association, 92% of barbershops indicated that they would prefer to have a Professional Barber working in their shop – the main reason: building customer confidence.

Income Opportunities

It is not unusual for a Professional Barber, working full time, to earn over one hundred thousand dollars in income.   Professional Barber typically have more customers, more loyal customers and they can charge their customers higher prices.   Being a Professional Barber has its rewards!

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