“Be a cut above the rest!”



The American Barber Association recognizes professional barbers, barber students and journeyman barbers. Whether you want to boost your career prospects or gain recognition for your dedication to the trade or let customers know that you are the best, an ABA recognition certificate is for you.  


Whether organization or individual, an ABA credential is respected by customers, colleagues, students and the barber industry as the standard of excellence.

legacy barber recognition

The Legacy Barber Certificate is the industry leading standard for recognizing barbers with fifteen or more years of barbering experience.   Legacy barbers have excellent reputations and and history of delivering professional services.   Order  your Legacy Barber Certificate today!   To apply, click here.

master barber recognition

The Master Barber Certificate recognizes elite licensed barbers who have been practicing for at least seven years.   Master Barbers have proven themselves in the field of barbering and have earned the right to be recognized as “Master Barbers.”   To apply, click here.

professional barber recognition

The Professional Barber Certificate is the professional standard for licensed barbers with less than seven years of barbering experience.  Professional Barbers are respected for the quality of their work and their commitment to excellence.  To apply, click here.


Whether organization or individual, an ABCC credential is respected by customers, colleagues, students and the barber industry as the standard of excellence.


The Journeyman Barber Certificate is recognition of people who may not be licensed, for any number of reasons, but are still safely and legally cutting hair.   To apply, click here.

MILITARY barber recognition

The Military Barber Certificate recognizes military personnel who are located on military bases or other military assets, and provided barbering services to military personnel.   To apply, click here.

INTERNATIONAL barber recognition

The American barber industry is the standard for world.   Barbers located in other countries can be associated with the ABA via the International Barber Certificate.  To appy, click here.


Social Media

Social Media is a great way to show the world that you have been recognized as a “cut above the rest” by the American Barber Association, the standard of excellence in the global barber industry.


Share the certificates on your website  and let your visitors know that you are recognized for excellence.    Whether selling new products or services or opening a new shop, your certificate of excellence will let your customers know that you mean business!

Share & display

Share the news of your new recognition with customers via newsletters or e-newsletters.   Display the certificates on the walls of your shop

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