Professional Recognition


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Recognition Certificate the sName as a License?

No.  Barbers license are issues by States, and essentially give barbers pemission to practice in a particular State.   Recognition Certificates are issues by the barber industry, and can be used by licensed barbers to show customers and employers your professional status.   

Can I get recognized by my State?

States provide barbers with a barbers license but they don’t recognize barbers for their experience, reputation and knowledge as the ABA Professional Recognition Certificates do.

Do I need a license to get a Recognition Certificate?

Yes, only licensed barbers can be awarded ABA Professional Barber Certificates.  

Does the membership fee include the fee for the certificate?


Do I have to renew the Certificate Each year?

No, the Professional Recognition Certificate does not have to be renewed.   Membership to the ABA must be renewed each year.

If I lose or damage my Certificate can I get a replacement?

Yes, for no extra fee.

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