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One of the original Founders of the American Barber Association is Alonzo Herndon.  An African American barber and entrepreneur, Alonzo Herndon was founder and president of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company, one of the most successful black-owned insurance businesses in the nation. At the time of his death in 1927, he was also Atlanta’s wealthiest black citizen, owning more property than any other African American. Admired and respected by many, he was noted for his involvement in and support of local institutions and charities devoted to advancing African American business and community life.

Mr. Hearndon the loan fund to support the creation and growth of Black businesses in Atlanta.   The Fund assisted in the creation of several Barbershops in Atlanta and other cities in the south.   Mr. Hearndon believed that barbering was an honest living for African Americans and sponsored the first Barber school in Atlanta in 1919.   Mr. Hearndon was a Founder of the Society of Barbers, a precursor organization to the American Barber Association.

Damon Dorsey, President and CEO/Founder

Damon has been involved in the barbering industry since he was born.   His Great Grandfather and uncles were Barbers, and one one of his Grandmothers and at least one Aunt was a beautician.   Damon holds a B.S. Degree from Marquette University and a MBA from University of Wisconsin – Whitewater.   Before leading the ABA, Damon worked in various management positions in large corporations, including Wisconsin Energy and Northwest (now Delta) Airlines.   Damon provides much of the Strategic planning and management support for the ABA.

Michael Knuckles, Vice-President/Founder

Mike has been a professional licensed barber for 25 years.   He has worked in several cities in the United States, and has owned a barbershop.   Mike takes pride in being a professional barber that provides the best service to his customers.   He has spear-headed efforts to recognize barbers and barbershops for excellence, provide barbershops with the resources they need to start and grow, and build partners for the Barbershop industry.

Maya Ruiz Hammouri, Director, Membership Services

Maya is a membership/marketing professional and has extensive experience delivering marketing strategies for a broad range of entities, including; Rockwell Automation, BMO Harris Bank, and a number of associations.


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