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Industry Recognition – Barbers

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The American Barber Association promotes and recognizes professional excellence in barbering, barbershop management and supplier quality.    Following are several categories in which we recognized


certificate example sample 1Five Star Barber Certification: We believe that the best Barbers practice the time-tested methods to do their craft so that the customer is satisfied.    The ABA recognizes Gold Standard barbers via a rigorous selection process of that involves nomination, panel review and award.   Gold Standard Barbers must be members of the ABA, have been a Barber for at least five years, and be licensed by an authority authorized to grant barber licenses.    Gold Standard barbers receive a Certificate of Recognition.

The benefits of being a certified Five-Star Barber are many, including;

  • More credibility with customers, especially new customers.
  • More credibility with Barbers
  • More credibility with insurance companies, may lead to lower rates for Barbers Insurance.
  • More credibility with developers, making it easier to lease prime commercial space.
  • More credibility with financial institutions, making it easier to get loans.
  • More creditability with suppliers

To apply for the Elite Barber Status, click the link below.


The ABA recognizes that not all Barbers are elite 5-Star Barbers.   Many barbers are developing their craft and are dedicated to be professional Barbers.   

To apply for a recognition certificate, click the link below.

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