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ABA Business Development Services

Barbers are entrepreneurs!   For this reason, the American Barber Association works to promote the entrepreneurial aspirations of Barbers, by providing the following services:

BUSINESS PLAN DEVELOPMENT: Starting and operating a barbershop is an intense aba marketing0001business venture.  Barbershops must compete for a limited number of customers in a certain area, consistently deliver great customer service and ensure that the establishment is profitable.   The best barbershops have a business plan, an efficient amount of working capital and cash flow and effective systems to manage their transactions.    

The ABA Small Business Development Resource Center provides direct technical assistance for members looking to start a new barbershop or expand an existing operation.   To get assistance for your business, contact the ABA Today – click here.

BUSINESS ACQUISITIONBarbershop ownership often changes hands, for a number of aba ACQISITION0001reasons.    The ABA provides its members with support in acquiring a Barbershop!   If you are a Barber and want to purchase an existing Barbershop you will need to make a deal.   Well, the ABA can give you advice on how to make a deal – what contracts are needed, whether financing is necessary and whether you have a good deal or not.  The good news is, we see deals done hundreds of times every year – so we know what works!.  Contact us today to learn more!

REAL ESTATE ASSISTANCE:   Barbers are often in need of real estate assistance, aba REAL ESTATE0001including; securing space to lease for Barbershop and developing a real estate project that will include a barbershop.   The ABA provides its members with free advice and assistance.

Contact us today to learn more!


MENTORING/COACHING: Entrepreneurs are constantly in need of support, aba MENTORING0001encouragement and guidance.   The ABA provides its members with mentors and coaches as they move there entrepreneurial dreams forward.

Get a mentor, contact us today!


BUSINESS FINANCING Financing often is a major impediment for small businesses, aba financing0001including barbershops.   The ABA provides its members with access to capital to start and grow their barbershops.   Get your Barbershop open, give us a call!



LIABILITY INSURANCE Businesses, including barbershops and barbers, need liability insuranaba insurance0001ce minimize the chances that they will be sued, sometimes for large amounts.    Also, customers want their barbers to have insurance; as having insurance is a badge of professionalism and competence.

Get more information on the need for liability insurance, contact us today!



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