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ABA Chapters

Barbers are making a difference in communities across America, everyday.  Chapters provide the local leadership and organzational capacity to support the work of local barbers and barbershops.


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Making a local impact

Barbers and Barbershops Organized to make a difference

Chapters of the American Barber Association (ABA) are established to give local barbers a voice in the community.   ABA Chapters are self-governed entities that inform, educate, recognize and advocate for local barbers and barbershops.

ABA Chapter

Making a Local Impact

Start an American Barber Association chapter

The American Barber Association recognizes that America’s 150,000 barbers live in communities in America, and across the world.   To support the work of our members in making an impact on their communities, the ABA supports the establishment of chapters.     To inquire on how to start an ABA Chapter, please contact the ABA.

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