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– Established 1961 –

The american barber industry is the largest in the world, at $47 million of sales per year.   Our goal is make the industry much larger.

The American Barbers Association (ABA) was founded on the strength of the America ideas of entrepreneurship, opportunity and freedom.   The ABA promotes the growth of small businesses, particularly barbershops, by providing information, education and support.

business services

The ABA is a leading business development resource for barbershops and salons, connecting industry suppliers of goods and services to barbershops, hair salons and other industry-related Businesses.    Coming in 2021: the ABA Business Services Directory.


The ABA provides business education for barbershops, salons and other entities serving the barber industry.   Courses are available to members, are provided by our business education providers are usually delivered online.  


The American Barber Association is the leading provider of business development services for barbershops and salons.  Members can utilize our services and expertise to develop business plans, market studies, marketing strategies financial projections.


The ABA takes pride in barbershops provide the best quality service to customers.   We award these elite barbershops our “Five Star Barbership” designtion.

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