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Benefits of Membership

Our members are a cut above the rest!join_today_button

The American Barber Association is a membership-driven organization.   Consequently, everything that we do aims to benefit our members.   Some of the benefits of membership include the following:

Recognition: Members of the ABA qualify for the annual ABA Awards for operational and professional excellence.   Every year ABA recognizes barbershops and barbers who exemplify excellence in the barbering industry.   What makes the ABA awards so great is that it’s not us who makes the decision buy you, through your nominations and voting.   Be a cut above the rest!

Information: The ABA is the leading source of information on the barbering industry, including; new laws, developments and issues.   Members of the ABA get up to the minute information via our publications, blog and social media.   Become a member and stay informed!

Education: The ABA is a leading resources for people interested in joining the barbering professional or barbers looking to expand their skills and qualifications.   Advance your career forward, join ABA today!

Connection: Members of ABA value their connection to other practitioners and professionals.   Whether a new barbershop owner or barber or an experienced barbershop owner or barber, connecting with others in the industry is always positive.   Join ABA and get connected! 

Advocacy: The ABA is the leading advocate organizations for barbershops and barbers across the country.  Whether making new law to help the industry or having existing ones change, the ABA is here to advocate on your behalf.   Get a voice, join the ABA!

Business Assistance: The ABA is a leading supporter of capitalism, free markets, entrepreneurship and innovation.   We work to support the growth of barbershops in communities across American, whether that support be for real estate projects, business planning or business financing.   Get your business moving, join the ABA Today!

Professional Development: Professional excellence is a cornerstone value in the ABA.  To this end we support the professional growth our members.   ABA members are a cut about the rest!

Discounts: One of the most popular benefits of being a member of the ABA is the membership discounts for barbering supplies and to events.  As a member of the ABA you are special, and our discounts prove it.   Become a member of the ABA and start getting your discounts today!   

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