The American Barber Association celebrates and promotes Five-Star Barbershops as standards of excellence in the barbering industry!   Members can apply today!


The American Barber Association recognizes barbershops that practicing the highest standards of management and operations.    The Five-Star Barbershop Certificate is only available for members of the ABA.


To be eligible to be designated a Five-Star Barbershop you must 1) your shop must be open for at least one year; 2) be a Barbershop Member of the ABA.   To become a member, please click on the link below.


A Reputation of Excellence

ABA Certified Five-Star Barbershops have earned the reputation of excellence.   Build loyalty among customers and pride among employees and staff, become a Five-Star Barbershop today!

Industry Recognition

Not every barbershop is a Five-Star Barbershop.   The ABA recognizes barbershops that deliver the highest standards of professionalism, safety and sanitation.   Five Star barbershops are often referred to the media for opinions and stories.   Five Star Barbershops are also eligible to be nominated for the “Best in America Barbershop” award.

Customer Recognition

Five-Star barbershop usually have no problem attracting and retaining customers.   Show your customers that your barbershop is a cut above the rest by displaying your Five Star Certificate on the wall.

Income Opportunities

Five Start barbershops offer great service and, often, at great prices.   The ABA Five-Star Barbership Designation is just one more tool for your shop to market its uniqueness, attract more customers and increase your prices.   

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