taking your barbershop to the next level!

America’s barbers and barbershops are growing, expanding and serving more customers than ever.   The American Barber Association is here to help our members not only succeed but to thrive as they build their businesses in communities across America!

Take your barbershop to the next level!

The American Barber Association aims to connect our members to business opportunities via the information and support we provide entrepreneurs, barbers, barbershops and suppliers in communities across America.   As America is the land of opportunity, barbers are an enduring symbol of the American spirit of hard work and entrepreneurship.   So, lets make it happen!


The American Barber Association provides professional recognition for both organizations and individuals who practice American Standards of Barbering. Whether you want to boost your career prospects or achieve national and international recognition, do not settle for less than industry recognition from the ABA.

Elite barber shop recognition

For barbershops that practice the highest standards of safety, customer service and ethics, this is the certificate for you! Show your customers  that you mean business, become a Five Start Barbershop Member today!


barber shop manager recognition

The best barbershops usually have great management ensuring that the shop is running smoothly.  Take  your career to  the  next level and  show  your customers that you mean business!  Become a Barbershop Manager today!


barber shop COVID Safety coordinator

Increasingly, customers want peace of mind that their barberhop is safe against COVID and other hazards.   The Safety Coordinator gives customers the peace of mind they seek.   Become a Safety Coordinator Member and get recognized for excellence.


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