About Us

We are America’s barber industry

We Are an organization of barber industry professionals committed to excellence and success

Our Mission

To be the leading source of information, education, support, connection, recognition and advocacy for our members and the barber industry.

Our Vision

An American Barber Industry that continues to be the best in the world at growing delivering quality goods and services to millions of customers annually.

Our Goal

Every member leverages their connection to the American Barber Association and the barber industry to succeed.

we are an industry hub of opportunity

The American Barber Association is about connecting our members to new opportunities.   To this end we provide our members with the information, recognition and support they need to be successful.  The American Barber Association is the hub of opportunity for America’s barber industry!

we unite the  industry around standards of excellence

The American Barber Industry is strongest when when all stakeholders – barbers, barbershops, barber schools, suppliers and students – have the information, support and connections they need to succeed.   The American Barber Association connects the various parts of our industry and in the process makes the industry more capable of growing and succeeding.

We believe our members are the best in the business

Our goal is simple: the American Barber Association wants our members to succeed at growing their businesses, connecting to new business opportunities and being the best and delivering barbering products and services to tens of millions Americans each year.

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