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About the ABA

Since 1865 the American Barber Association (ABA) has worked to grow the Barbering trade from coast to cost, and we’ve worked to support the growth of barbershops in communities across America.   In a word, what the ABA is all about is excellence.  

Excellence defines great Barbers; you know, the ones that customers keep coming back to again and again.    Excellence defines great barbershops; the kind provide great service at a reasonable price for for every customer.   Excellence defines the way our members impact their community; from giving the homeless free haircuts to providing job opportunities for veterans.   Excellence is the one quality that all of our members have in common.

The ABA Principles of Excellence

To promote excellence, the ABA has developed the following principles:

  • Barbers and Barbershops is a brotherhood of craftsmen, businessmen and leaders.
  • Every human being deserves to be treated with respect and the highest professional courtesy.
  • Barbershops are part of the community and, as such, act to improve the community whenever possible.
  • Barbers, who have respect for the profession, constantly improve their craft via training and professional development.
  • Barbershops and Barbers practice the highest standards of professionalism and excellence to ensure every customer receives the best care possible.
  • For Barbers and Barbershops of the highest quality, making money is secondary to providing customers with the highest level of  service.
  • Capitalism, free markets and entrepreneurship is at the core of who we are as an industry; and drives us to become more effective and competitive.