The American Barber Association celebrates and promotes Barbershop Safety Coordinator standards of excellence in the barbering industry!   Members can apply today!


The COVID-19 Outbreak has made the need for Safety Coordinators essential for building customer confidence by ensuring a safe workplace.   The ABA Cerified Safey Coordinator Certification recognizes professionals who have the responsibility to development and implement safety plans for a barbershop.  The Barbershop Safety Coordinator Certificate is only available for members of the ABA.


To be eligible to be designated a Certified Barbership Safety Coordinator, you must; 1) be qualified – be the designated safety coordinator of a barbershop; 2) be a Barbershop Safety Coordinator Member of the ABA.   To become a member, please click on the link below.


Professional Recognition

Barbershop Safety Coordinator of barbershops have important skills to ensure that a barbershop has the highest standards of safety and sanitation.   The barber industry recognizes barbershop Safety Coordinators for the critical role they play in keeping barbershops safe.

Industry Recognition

The ABA Certified Barbershop Safety Coordinator Certification is an industry recognized position that designates individuals with the skills, experience and background to effectively develop, implement and enforce safety measures for a barbershop or salon.  

ABA BarberSAFE Courses

ABA Certified Safety Coordinators are eligible to take ABA BarberSAFE Courses, whicha are designed to provide a basic overview on safety and sanitation standards.

Employment Opportunities

The United States has over 350,000 barbershops, salons and other hair care establishment that can use the skills of Certified Barbershop Safety Coordinators.   Become a Certified Barbershop Safey Coordinator and expand your employment opportunities.

Income Opportunities

ABA Certified Barbershop Safety Coordinators have the skills, experience and background to add significant value to barbershops; and, consequently, have the capacity to be well compensated.

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