The American Barber Association supports and encourages the delivery of safe and sanitary services in barbershops.


The American Barber Association recognizes barbershop managers who are responsible for developing and implementing strategies to create safe and sanitary business operations.


To apply, just click the button below, take the brief course and the quiz at the end, and then order your certificate.   The Certificate is $10 for non-members and free for members.


Professional Recognition

Barbershops with the BarberSAFE Certification show a higher level of commitment to safety and sanitation, which are key to building customer confidence during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Industry Recognition

The BarberSAFE Certification is recognized throughout the barber industry as the standard safety and sanitation.

Customer Recognition

It’s a fact, when customers see the BarberSAFE Certificate on the wall, they gain an extra sense of pride and peace of mind that they are being serviced by an industry recognized barbershop that is committed to safety.   Build greater customer confidence and loyalty!

Employment Opportunities

Barbershops and salons are compelled to have safe and sanitary operations, and are looking for barbers with the commitment to maintain a safe shop.

Income Opportunities

BarbersHOPS with the BarberSAFE Certification give customers more confidence that their services are safe and sanitary.  BarberSAFE Certified barbersHOPS attract more customers and can charge customers higher fees.

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