community impact

in communities across america and around the world, the american barber industry impact on the lives of people.

The American Barbers Foundation (ABF) works with barbers, barbershops, suppliers and other partners develop and implement programs that have a positive impact on communities across America.   From supporting local entrepreneurship to providing resources to address healthcare issues, the American Barber industry is here to make an impact in your community.

The American barber industry is committed to making the world a better place to live today, and for the generations that follow.

The American Barber Foundation works with our partners to level the playing field, so that all Americans can gain access to the resources they need to improve the quality of their lives and the condition of their communities.


The ABF is the barber industry’s primary vehicle for developing and implementing initiatives to impact local communities.   The ABF works with local ABA Chapters; local, regional and national businesses; and local communities to make a difference.


Barbers and barbershops are often leaders in their communites.   They often initiate programs that have an impact of the lives of young people, families and barbers.    We see these leaders as “Community Builders” and we work to support their work and recognize their commitment.


The best way to make a local impact is to start a local ABA Chapter.   Loca chapters consist of barbers, barbershops and others with a common goal and objective of making a positive impact in the local community.   


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