the barber industry makes an impact on communities across america!

Every year barbers and barbershops serve millions of Americans, hearing their struggles, hopes and dreams.   The American Barber Foundation works with Partners, communities, educational institutions and barbers and barbers to make a difference in communities across America.

our industry makes an impact on every community across america

The barber industry makes an impact in every community across America: Our barbershops anchor thriving main streets, our barbers serve million of Americans every year and industry suppliers create tens of thousands of jobs.   In addition, we are involved in issues that affect ordinary American, such as; access to healthcare, literacy services for youth, addressing local violence and empowering local residents to play a positive role in building their community.   


The American Barber Association Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.   Donations are tax deductible.   If you want to support our programs or focus your donation on a specific use, contact us to learn more.

community partners

The American Barber Association works to impact communities across America.   If you are interested in partnering with the ABA to make an impact, please contact us.

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