The ABA keeps our members and the barber industry connected

The American barber industry is a $30 billion giant that is expected to double in size over the next 15 years.   Our members stay connected to the industry our information, education and networking events.  Get involved, be seen, be heard and get connected!


ABA sponsors a broad range of virtual and in person events in the barber industry.   Whether you want to attend, host or participate in an event, the ABA is the best way to reach America’s barber industry.   


Donate to the ABA Foundation to support our programs and the efforts of barbers and barbershops to impact local communities throughout the United States.


The American Barber Association keeps its members connecte to the barber industry via social media.   Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin, the ABA connected.


The American Barber Association publication work to keep our members informed and educated about trends, developments and opportunities in the barber industry.   Publications include our e-newsletter, special reports, member profiles and much more.


The ABA facilitates forums via social media and in 2021 via our website.    Members will be able to address issues with other professional barbers across America and the world.


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